Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have been praying,"Holy Spirit, You are going to have to have to prove it to me that you want me to go to Ethiopia in a BIG way!"
As if my daughter coming from a place where she went long stretches of days without food wasn't enough!! He spoke through children, song, scripture, friends, websites and a very generous family that has given me the exact amount of money needed for the trip! I am so blessed and unworthy of the attention the Spirit has given me.
So, here I go "I'm divin in!!!" I will be going back to Ethiopia at the end of November. The trip will be a way to see how we can get involved in God's plan for loving orphans in Ethiopia.
Off go my water wings and pop goes the baby pool!


Rob & Candy said...

AMAZING!!! I cannot wait.

Peter A Kidd said...

We are so excited too!!!! Adding your blog to Pete's blog he started for this trip. You guys are going to have a incredible trip and an incredible group of people. You will love Pete, my other half.