Thursday, March 27, 2008

CONTROL-Do I really want control?

A lot of excitement on the adoption front this week. We are constantly praying for things we have no control over. That is good for me because I have learned over the last few years that I am a control freak. I hate that about myself. If it were up to me God would send me a giant check list and let me go at it. Everything would be neat, orderly, timed and in it's proper place! I am so thankful to the Lord that He has done and continues to do everything in HIS time and HIS order! I have so much comfort that His way is THE best!
So anyway, lets get to the exciting stuff. How God has gone before us...On Easter Sunday someone from our church came up to Rob and told him that they had sold something worth a lot of money and wanted to give us some of it to bring our little girl home! How generous! This is the second time during our adoption journey that God has moved a family to give to us in a big way. As Rob likes to quote Bono " My God ain't sort on cash, man."
Today we received an email from Duni. In the past a child needed to be in an orphanage for 90 days because of abandonment issues. And now it has changed to 60 days! And on top of that our adoption agency is now working with a second orphanage in Ethiopia!(If I can figure it out I'll put the links on our blog somewhere)
So, before Sunday I was trying to settle into the inevitability that we wouldn't be picking up our new daughter until Thanksgiving, because when I spoke with Duni she said that there just aren't any girls in the orphanage our daughters age. But I have hope and proof that God can do anything!
Our prayer right now is that God would comfort our daughter and give her strength to get through what ever hard situation she is in. And that He would lead her to those who can provide the manifestation of God's love to her.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Green Gate!

I am not at all computer savvy so I am trying to figure out how to show pictures...I did it! This is the big green gate in front of the transitional home. These are the doors we will walk through to meet our daughter for the first time.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

As you are reading this you need to keep in mind that I am "pregnant" without a due date!(and we are technically in our 15th month!)
I was just reading a blog of one of the families from our agency(AWAA)that is in Addis right now bringing their baby girl home. She said that there are now 19 children in the transitional home! The transitional home is the place where the children stay after they have been identified to be referred to a family and the place they stay until their forever family comes to take them home. The other thing she said is that about half are babies and half are older! Which could mean we are very close!!!! There are not many families requesting "older" children, so either the line will be getting drastically shorter or we will get our referral!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Well, we are waiting...Hmmm....(fingers rapping on the table)...Still waiting.
We aren't very long in the waiting process but the last couple of weeks have seemed really long! I don't expect to hear anything for at least a couple of months but I am hoping that we would hear around the 3 month mark! (the agency gave us 3-6 months) I figure I can pray and hope. God knows our family and he knows what is best for all 5 of us so that is who I have put my confidence in. It is hard though. I want to call our sweet family coordinator , Duni every day. "So have you any idea? How long? What is her name? What does she look like? What is she like?!!?" But I think that might look a little crazy, don't you think? Ha, Ha.