Monday, May 4, 2009

Five months

We have been home with Yabby for 5 months now! Just about every medical problem is gone! For the first four months I think we were at one of the four doctor's office at least twice a week!
We are all amazed at Yabby's English! Her preschool teacher reported to us a couple of weeks ago that she loves to talk. Considering her big sister loves to talk too...our house is never quiet! Add in a loud big brother and a Dad with a big voice and well, you get the picture. Can you imagine dinner time at our house?
I think we are starting to get into the groove of the new normal. Everyone one has adjusted pretty well. Considering Yabby was pretty much an only child and Isabelle was the baby. We have had to help them find their new places. We are still working on it but things have seemed to calm down. So the adventure continues...


Kari said...

HAPPY 5 Months sweet girl!!!
What a special day. Yabby is simply stunning:)))
So happy she is feeling so much better.

Rob & Candy said...

Oh, I am so glad the health issues are over!! PTL. Yabby, you are soooo beautiful.

Steve and Anna said...

So glad to see how well Yabby is doing! Praying for the continued sibling adjustment! Celebrating 5 months with you!