Monday, April 13, 2009

New Life

My mother-in-law looked over at Yabby sitting on her Daddy's lap at church and she looked like a princess. The drastic contrast from the first picture we have of her has not been forgotten. Her sad little face and receding hair line. It is amazing how a lot of love and good nutrition can change things.
On Good Friday as I was putting her to bed she started with a long list of "Why" questions.(We are in the "why" stage right now) "Mommy, Why Adam and Eve eat apple? It yucky and dirty?" "Mommy, Why Jesus die on cross? I die instead of Jesus!" That was just the beginning! Just then God spoke to my heart. This is part of why you are her Mommy-You are to help her with these questions. This is why she is in your family. I often struggle with why our family and not another. I'm not sure if I have the insight or knowledge to be her mother. God gives me those moments and reassures me that it WILL be OK and that HE will give me what I need to be her Mommy. She is a very complicated little girl with a complicated past.But I have learned so much from her. If only we could have the compassion of Christ that we would feel so passionately like Yabsira that it would make us so sad that we would want to take His place because we love Him so much. Of course I explained to her why Jesus had to die in her place- But I love the way she loves Him.

This last picture is Yabby sitting with her Grandma and Papa at church. It is such a blessing that after many years of being away that Rob can serve in the church he grew up in. The kids go running when they see grandma and papa at church!