Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our first family trip

We went on our first little family trip since Yabsira has been home. We went to a friends wedding in Virginia that Rob was preforming and we stopped at some old friends home on the way.
We had a great time visiting our old friends. Our children are around the same age and Joel and their oldest daughter were each others first friends. The kids got along great and it was fun to catch up on each others lives.
Even though we had a long trip in the car the kids got along crammed in the back seat. The only thing we didn't expect is that Yabby gets car sick! It is only by God's grace that I had a couple of Ziploc bags that were easy to get to. Poor little girl didn't understand why she didn't feel well...she kept blaming the granola bar she ate.
Our friends wedding was beautiful. The bride was gorgeous and the groom was beaming. The girls loved getting all dressed up. Yabby now refers to her dress as the married dress. It was also good to visit with more old friends at the wedding. Isabelle and her "first friend" won a dance contest and got a giant lollipop as a prize.
We started to get used to the warm weather of the south so it was shock to our system when it stared snowing when we got home!


Kari said...

The pics are adorable..sounds like an amazing trip:))) Sorry for the carsickness...ugh. I share her pain!!