Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy Week

We had a busy week! We were "flocked" by our Youth Group. It was a fundraiser for there mission trip to St.Vincent this summer. Our kids thought it was so cool and I saw quite a few of our neighbors driving very slow in front of our house. "It's OK folks! It is just us,the crazies with Flamingos in our yard! And yes, they will go away very soon:)"
On Saturday we had my sister's bridal shower. It was a lot of fun. All of the nieces are in the wedding,5 including my two. (Plus the 2 nephews should prove to be an interesting wedding day!) The girls were a big help at the shower. They all had a job and did them well. Here are some of my favorite pictures!

And last but not least Mother's Day. We attended our new Family oriented service at church and it was a lot of fun. My heart filled when I saw my new daughter with her eyes closed and arms raised singing "Blessed be the Name" at the top of her voice. And the other two surrounded by the church family discussing who their family was in Christ. And my dear hubby preaching with his heart open wide. It was a great Mom's day! The picture at the top is of my and my girls hands. We got tattoos at church that said "Mom rocks". They where so cool.

PS I almost forgot some really exciting news! Tom Davis raised $12,500 to send formula to our Transitional Home in ET!!! Praise God! Many lives will be saved!