Sunday, December 28, 2008

We are here!!!!!

Hello Family,

Well after 24 hours of traveling we are finally here -- Pgh. to Newark, New Wark to London, London to Rome, and Rome to Addis.  We stayed in this rent by the hour (not what you think) kind of futuristic hotel in the London airport, so we got a little bit of sleep, but we are exhausted.

Addis is a unique place -- there are zero traffic laws, signs, etc.  It kind of reminds us of driving in Cranberry.

We will spend the day resting today, and will go and meet Yabsira tomorrow.

We will do our best to post the adventures of each day on Heather's blog.  It is only dial up internet here, and we just found out that the only place that we can use it is in the hotel lobby -- arrgh.

We did have a moment of church today -- As we watched the sun rise from the airplane, we were listening to David Crowder sing All Creatures of Our God and King -- My MP3 player provided the music, The Lord provided the rest -- It is amazing how He still delights in showing us His indescribable Glory!

We can feel your prayers and we miss you all, especially Joel and Isabelle!

Be God's,

Rob and Heather


Ray and Lisa said...

I'm glad you made it, and I'm looking forward to the updates of meeting your daughter! BTW, I noticed your mention of Pittsburgh and Cranberry. We went to Geneva College in Beaver Falls! Small World.
Lisa (AWAA family)

Robert said...

We went to Geneva also!