Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hi,  It's Rob (my first post on Heather's blog) she is busy putting pj's on Yabsira.

What a great day!  We went shopping and got to dicker over stuff -- it is amazing how a sweet look from Heather can save me 50% on something.  The US dollar equals 10 Ethiopian Birr so we bought a ton of stuff for about $40 American money.  I am going to look at soccer jerseys at some point, but I know that they are about $40 American.

Then we had Pizza -- It was at a place called Ricos (not very Ethiopian) -- and then we went and got Yabsira, went to the US Embassy to get her Visa, went back to the transition home to play, and she said goodbye to her friends there -- while it was sad to see, she wants be with us -- and it was quite clear by the way she clung to us all day, smilied and laughed. 

We got to meet her teacher, and we got to see the school work that she has been doing.  She can knows and can write the alphabet, and can count to 10.  She is picking up on words very quickly.  We are really considering for her to spend some time in the MPC preschool if she can for the rest of this school year -- she is ready.  We see it, and her teacher sees it.

We brought her back to our hotel room, and Heather gave her a bath after she let her pick out some clothes -- she picked out one of her big sister's old, but favorite outfits, and matching underwear -- you could imagine how excited Heather was.  She got a bath, and it being the her first time using a bath puff she scrubbed herself 4 times, while she laughed.

After she got clean and dressed, we sat and watched a video that her big brother Joel and big sister Isabelle made for her being tour guides of our home.  You should have seen how big her eyes got when she saw Joel open our refrigerator full of food.  She is ready to have a brother and sister!  I can't tell you how just being with her for the day let Heather and I both see that she was made for our family.  She is so much like Joel and Isabelle that we know that they will bond very quickly.

We went to dinner, and she had Ethiopian food, and she ate, and ate, and ate, and ate, and then she wanted to go "home" -- our hotel room -- and she had her first Twizzler!  She didn't know what to think at first, then she smiled, and wanted to share it.  Sharing, Hunh, what a concept.

So it was a great day.  She knows when to use the toilet, that is what she says when she need to go, already knows how to put lotion on her body, and folds her napkin after she eats. 

A few other things that would help you understand our experience.  There are no traffic laws here.  I asked why, and I was told that since Ethiopia is a democracy, they are free to drive anyway that they want to.

The people go out their way to make you comfortable.  They are courteous, and kind.  I was asked by the hotel manager how our stay has been, and when I said great, he kept saying "really"?  They want to serve us.

I have had the best coffee of my entire life.  Since this is the birthplace of coffee they know how to make it the correct way.  We bought one of their coffee pots to take home.  I was told that one judges whether a women is worth marrying based upon their coffee. 

So keep praying for us.  We are excited and can't wait for you to meet her!!!

We would love to post some pictures, but the dial up internet, that can only be used in the hotel lobby, is too slow here.


Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

What a great first post Rob!!! We are so, so happy for you guys that things are going so smoothly and you are seeing/experiencing how God has made Y. and you all just for one another. Amazing, huh?! We continue to pray for you and can't wait to see pics once you are home. OH! and what a great idea to have the kids do a video for Y. to watch! I could just picture it!
With love,

Mollie said...

Heather and Rob,
We are thrilled to hear your trip has been as amazing as we have all prayed it would be. Enjoy every moment of it. Let Sira know, Aunt Mollie, Uncle Kevin and Chump can't wait to meet her! And get ready for our crazy family!

Mollie and Kevin