Saturday, June 14, 2008

On Thursday we received an email from Terra, one of the Ethiopia family coordinators. It was pictures and a little history on each child in the Waiting Child program for Ethiopia. The Waiting Child program is children that haven't been able to be placed. The reason can be because of a medical condition or age,etc.
Rob and I both received the email, Me at home and him at work. As I looked over the email God kept bringing to my mind Abraham and Sarah. God had promised them that they would have a child and in fact their descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the sky! But as it was taking a lot longer than their time frame would allow they decided to take the matter in their own hands. While they were controlling the situation it blew up and not in a good way.(don't you love my paraphrasing!?) Although there were consequences to their poor choices, God still chose to bless them like He promised!
So with all of that in the back of my mind I got a call from Rob. "Did you see the email?" "You should call the pediatrician and see what she thinks." I knew right away which child he was talking about. So I called our pediatrician's office... She was off. She could call us back tomorrow."Ok, good" I thought,"This will give me a chance to talk with Rob a little more and let him know about the whole Abraham,Sarah thing!" Not too long after I hung up the phone Rob called me back. "Heather, That isn't our child!" "I know". I said We talked a little more and agreed. Despite it being her day off our wonderful pediatrician did some research and called me back. She confirmed our thoughts and was such a blessing to talk with.
I can tell you that already God has done much more than we expected. In the beginning we were being obedient to what God wanted us to do,we knew there was a person in our family missing. We never anticipated the changes He would do in us as a family and as individuals! Daily He is revealing Himself(I love this time in life!). It isn't always a love like "This is so much Fun!" at times ,yes. But more often it is softer, more humble adoration and unbelievable thankfulness.


Carpenters said...

What exciting news! Gabe and I also received the email and one of the children really pulled at our heartstrings. We are praying for them all and especially for him that his forever family will find him. I'm so happy for you. It is such a blessing when God moves to bring the children he wants into your family.

With Love,