Friday, June 27, 2008

I was able to speak with Duni this week and get some clarification on exactly what age range we are eligible for and exactly where that puts us in line. Having said that I hesitate to write it down...because if I have learned anything in this process it is that things can change quickly or slowly. There is no formula! So, we are close. But close is a relative word in the adoption world!
God is continually showing us how much He is in control of the whole thing! This week I was at my wits end and very sad. I said to God "I'm done with this. You are on your own. There is nothing I can do any more. I don't even know how to talk to you about this!" How arrogant of a human being I was. I'm not quite sure exactly what I thought I was in control of? But now I know I was in control of holding the situation in my hand with white knuckles! The last couple of days I have felt a release. My hand is starting not to hurt as much from the grip I had. As my hand is loosening up, my eyes are seeing more clearly God in the details.