Thursday, February 18, 2010

I am someones baby

Before I left for my most recent trip to Ethiopia God showed me that I was to go on this trip with my mother eyes wide open. In the airports before I even left the USA I met 3 mother's. Mother's with love and dreams for their children. Two African Mom's and one Mom with an adult son and his family in Ethiopia. In this video please look at the faces of these children. Look at them through the eyes of a parent, through the eyes of a family member. These little ones are someones. Someones Princess or Buddy.
Please consider giving them hope through your sponsorship! You can contact me for details at


The Broms said...

I can't even watch this whole video. It is so what God has planned for his children. I loved it and hope that I can experience this with you someday.

Rob and Candy said...

sniff, sniff... please pass a tissue.