Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sorry I haven't had a chance to blog but our schedule has been very busy. We have visited two Orphanages since we have been here in Ethiopia.  Yesterday we traveled 11 hours to a city named Kombolcha.The ride was unbelievable.  The roads were way worse than PA!  And our driver had to dodge people,other vehicles, sheep cpws and camels! But Ethiopia is so beautiful!
  At the orphanage we meet 125 orphans who have very little.  But their love was overflowing.  They have such a strong desire to love and be loved.  Imagine not having a mom and dad to give hugs and kisses and praises.  Thats what we did all morning. Loved on these little ones.  To see a child's whole being light up from a simple," Good job" on an art project.There is so much to right and a line for the dial up internet so I must be brief.
Please contiue to pray for myself and the team. For direction and the ability to love more and more.