Sunday, June 7, 2009

two sisters,a baby and a wedding

This week will be one our family will soon not forget!
Early this week my "baby" sister had her fifth child! She now has 1 prince and 4 princesses!(ages 7,6,4,3 and a new born)She is a fantastic Mom! She manages to spend special time with each of her children and make them feel special.
At the end of the week my other sister was married! It was a really fun day! Yabby got her hair done and was thrilled. My entire family was involved in the wedding. I was a brides maid, the kids read scripture(Yes,even Yabby.She memorized "Love is patient." and Rob preformed the ceremony. My sister looked beautiful and now they are relaxing in Hawaii!

PS. Oops! Up until I saw our traveling buddies blogs announcing they have been home for 5 months I thought it had been 6 months. I'm losing track of time! So, ignore the post from a month ago when I said we were home for 5 was actually 4! Which makes Yabsira's progress even more amazing!!


Rob & Candy said...

you made me laugh! Really, 4 month or 5 months?? What matters most is we are at home. I love to see Yaddy's pictures.