Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One Month in America!

Did one month really go by?! It is fun to reflect on a little girl who had never used a straw before that is now playing the Wii with her brother and sister.
Rob and I have often used this analogy to gain perspective. It is like we started reading a novel a third of the way through. We aren't sure how it started. We are figuring out the plot as we go along. As we keep reading the plot becomes a little clearer.
I know we will not completely figure her out. That is kind of a joke in our house...When Joel was one week old I said to Rob, quite confidently,"Go to work! I need to figure him out!" Every year on his birthday Rob asks me laughing,"So, have you figured him out yet?"(sorry,I think I have told this story before:)) The same goes with Isabelle and Yabsira. God is the only one who knows them completely. So, we need to constantly be seeking Him on how to raise them. After all, He knows the whole story!




Kari:) said...

She looookkks so adorable!!!

Rob & Candy said...

I cannot believe we've been home a month... it feels like we were in ET yesterday.

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Congrats on 1 month!!!
I love the part about the book...so true and such a great way to explain it!