Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pretty in Pink...and green

My sweet little sister has requested "Please update your blog!" So I'll give her something while she is taking care of four puking kids.
Isabelle and I have just finished little Y's bedroom and as you can see the girls in our family love pink! We even think Y does too because just about every picture we have seen of her she is wearing pink! Oh, I need to give a BIG Thank you to my beautiful friends, Beth and Marlene who helped me paint Y's room!!

Today I was really convicted by a scripture I read this morning on our YG prayer list.(Thanks Kim!)
Jesus said,"If? If there are no "ifs" among believers anything can happen." Mark 9:23 As I have said before I have grown comfortable waiting. But in my mind I've realized it isn't about waiting, it is about disappointment. "IF" I think the worst then I won't be disappointed when we don't pass court. But the "Ifs" need to be replaced with "when." Hope is such a precious thing. It can change everything! So..."When" we pass court on December 2nd I will post pictures and Y's name!:)


beBOLDjen said...

Y's room is so pretty! I love the color palatte.

WHEN we pass court in a week I can't wait to celebrate with
you! :)

Nunez Family said...

Your heart is so precious! I pray that your hope will carry you through till the end! Just think of that moment & it wil be your driving force...& even then it won't compare. I am praying & thinking of your family so much!!! I only wish I could do more to make time go by faster & bring her home to you. But then I guess you would miss out on experiencing all God has for you durring this time of wait!
I love you my sister in Christ!!!
Ana Nunez