Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The Sparr family went camping for the first time ever! I know you are probably getting a good chuckle especially if you know us well. Don't worry we didn't go by ourselves. Four other families from our church that are seasoned campers showed us the ropes! Thanks guys! We played,fished and swam in the river. We ate great food. Joel and Belle had Mountain pies for the first time and keep coming up with new combinations to fill them with. Saturday night it rained! Belle and I were sleeping on one side of our friends camper but Joel and Rob, well they were in a tent. I was worried all night. But the rain (and maybe exhaustion!)put Joel to sleep and there were no leeks in the tent! We had such a great time! We would love to go with our friends again but we aren't quite ready to venture it on our own.